Tackling Youth Illiteracy through Book Club and Youth Upskilling Programmes with Just Grace NPO Cape Town

Tackling Illiteracy, One Child at a Time

On the 8th of September 2021, the world commemorated International Literacy Day. This is an initiative spear-headed by UNESCO to remind the international community that literacy is a right not a privilege. Yet in South Africa, more than half of all grade 4 pupils cannot read for meaning while an astounding 29% are completely illiterate. In addition, learner’s scores from the Annual National Assessment tests for grade 9s reveal that only 18% of learners scored more than 50% in their first additional language and only 48% of learners scored more than 50% in their home language. At Just Grace we understand that lacking basic literacy and comprehension skills has lasting effects and that is why we have committed ourselves to empowering and supporting young people through youth and community development programmes.

Meet Some of Our Women With Grace

So tell us, when you hear the word “grace”, what comes to mind? It’s most probably elegant and romanticised banquet scenes with Victorian-era gowns and ballroom dancing, right? Well, to us at Just Grace, we’re aligned with a different form of the word ‘grace’ - we believe that we have all received undeserved love and kindness in this life, and so we are motivated to show this same undeserved favour to others. While that sounds like something taken directly from the Oxford Dictionary, here’s what we really mean. 

We’re bringing grace to Langa, Cape Town, and we’re doing it through our various programmes in education, youth empowerment, and community upliftment. Still, we’d be nowhere without the women of Just Grace. They’re the ones who help motivate, inspire and guide our future leaders, and here is your chance to meet some of them.

Image showing Just Grace's Matric Class of 2020 | Langa, Cape Town | Matric Learning Assistance | NPO | NGO

Uncovering The ABCs Behind The 2020 Matric Results

No one needs reminding of how difficult the 2020 year was – we all experienced it – and while many of us found it a challenge, some of us were most grateful not to be writing matric. The Class of 2020 certainly will go down in history as one of the most resilient, disciplined, and dedicated groups of matrics, that’s for sure!

At Just Grace, we were fortunate enough to work alongside the dynamic leaders of tomorrow, helping students navigate distance learning, extra lessons, and changing exam timetables. We’re incredibly proud of the learners in our programmes, and we’re following their journeys closely – you can too by following our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages here. 


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Just Grace is a non-profit company with the overarching objective of poverty alleviation in Langa, Cape Town.

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