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Picture of Just Grace learners hike on Pipe Track

At Just Grace we believe that education is a holistic concept that should not disregard a learner’s creative freedom and potential. We wish to expose our learners to various arts and culture activities that will open their minds to completely new experiences and creative outlets. We encourage anyone with a passion for arts and culture and who wishes to share that passion with the community to contact us and get involved in our life changing programme.

We welcome workshops that involve art, dance, music, photography, sports and cultural awareness.


Programmes - Math Tutoring

The Just Grace classrooms are designed to facilitate quality learning and meaningful relationships. We therefore aim to have at least one tutor for every five learners in each session and we’re always looking for new tutors to join the team.

Our tutors are a significant part of our team as they offer so much more than just the usual school teachings and give our learners valued, individual attention which opens them up to a positive and productive learning experience.

Apply to be a tutor.

Download our tutor information guide.

Holiday Club

Picture of learners dancing at holiday club

We are looking for volunteers to assist in our holiday club during the June/July school vac. This is a one week long programme that takes place from 10am – 3pm and involves activities, computer training, tutoring and career guidance.

Job Shadowing

Image of learner job shadowing as part of career guidance

We are looking for working individuals as well as corporates who are willing to host a group of energetic learners for a few days in their workplaces during the August/September school vac.

Organisational Support

Picture of Langa High School

There is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work that takes place to ensure that Just Grace continues to run effectively and efficiently. If administration, web design, marketing or organisational management is your thing, then speak to a Just Grace Director to get involved.


Picture of intern holding pencils

We have two unpaid internships that we offer annually to passionate individuals who are willing to assist us in the running of our programme. You will be involved in organising and running the tutoring sessions, holiday clubs, job shadowing, sports and cultural activities as well as learner and tutor feedback/engagement. Please email your CV to grant(at)justgrace.co.za to apply.

Mentoring, Leadership and Coaching

Image of mentor with mentees

Becoming a mentor means so much more than being an adviser and guide, becoming a mentor means shedding light on a person’s possible future and helping them believe that it is within them to achieve it. It means believing in your mentee’s talents, strengths and abilities so that they feel empowered to believe in themselves too. Being a mentor means being a supportive companion and a trusted adviser who will guide their mentee along the right path.

Becoming a mentor requires at least a six month commitment to the programme. It is recommended that mentors meet with their mentees twice a month, however, the minimum requirement is once a month.

As a mentor, you should encourage your mentee to think about their future and discuss what career paths interest them. It is important for a mentor to help their mentee set realistic goals and discuss steps they can take towards achieving them. Your mentee will also benefit greatly from advice on life, such as saving and opening a bank account and how to deal with the various pressures that the youth face such as drinking, drugs, and sex education.

Visit a helpful website for metoring and coaching tips – http://youth.dgmt.co.za/guidelines-on-coachingmentoring-a-young-person/

Computer Training


Image of learner doing computer training

You do not have to be a computer wiz to get involved in the computer training workshops – everything that we teach our learners you most likely already know and use on a daily basis. The workshops teach learners how to correctly startup and shutdown a computer, how to use the Microsoft Office package, how to use email and the internet.