Our Approach

We believe that sustainable and meaningful change comes from a long-term commitment to a specific area.

Just Grace is passionate about creating and supporting community-based projects that cumulatively will lead to the social upliftment of Langa.

We believe that this approach works because:

We promote meaningful and sustainable impact in Langa Township within the framework of an in-depth understanding of the historical, cultural and local context within which we work.

  • We are based within the community
  • We prioritise staff within the community
  • We prioritise volunteers within the community

We conduct local surveys and research.

  • Our responses are locally relevant and based on up-to-date research and data
  • We develop and continually deepen expertise on the social ills that face the community and the effectiveness of responses

We are a trusted local partner.

  • We work closely with community members, CBOs, government and corporates.
  • Community members know what we offer and how to access our services

Our response time to adjust to a changing local perception is quick.

  • This is important in today’s context where poverty is a complex problem that changes and evolves over time.

As our capacity increases, we continue to deepen our service offering to the community.

  • Our solutions are able to assist an individual on multiple needs levels (a multidisciplinary and multidimensional intervention approach) thereby increasing the effectiveness and success rates of our interventions.

What about scale?

Our model is 100% scalable! We engage with many communities of practice and individual NGOs where we:

1) Train them on how to implement a geographically focused model for change, and

2) Share our resources, materials and best practice techniques with organisations who are interested in this approach.


There are many NGOs that have embraced the same model and have therefore had a deep, long-lasting and sustainable impact in their respective communities.

NGOs that engage with communities in this way are more likely to have effective and appropriate programmes that target various beneficiary needs.

There are a lot of possibilities for further scale! Many communities are still under-resourced and could be transformed by the implementation of a geographically focused model that seeks their upliftment.

We look forward to the near future where every community can have a geographically focused NGO that is locally relevant and active at a grassroots level.



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