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Just Grace has a variety of ways in which a firm can obtain points towards its B-BBEE scorecard.

Many organisations believe that only Socio-Economic Development points can be obtained by supporting


This is not correct - there are in a fact a number of ways in which an entity can achieve their B-BBEE points
and contribute to an NGO/NPO at the same time.

We, therefore, encourage you to explore these opportunities and join us in our mission of uplifting the community of Langa.


We have included a broad overview of the opportunities.
A more detailed overview of each element is then given in the annexures that follow.


By granting Just Grace equity in your business, you will attract 25 points (QSE) and 25 points (Generic).

A QSE or EME which is at least 51% Black-owned qualifies for Level 2 B-BBEE recognition level.

A QSE or EME which is 100% Black-owned qualifies for Level 1 B-BBEE recognition level.

Skills Development

You are able to contribute financially towards:
- Salaries and wages of interns at Just Grace
- Informal training to be provided to your staff
- Formal SETA accredited training to be provided to your staff / our beneficiaries
- Bursaries for deserving and academically gifted Just Grace learners

There are 25 points are available for a QSE and 20 points for a generic entity.

Important Reminders:

1) Skills Development is a priority element and there is a sub-minimum to be achieved of 40% of the targets set out in the Revised BEE Scorecard. Should a company not achieve the sub-minimum target, its BEE status level will be discounted by one level down.

2) You must submit a Workplace Skills Plan, Annual Training Report and Pivotal Report which are SETA approved.

3) You must implement a priority skills programme generally, and more specifically for black people.

4) You must take into account EAP targets.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Target: 1% of NPAT

40 points are available (QSE) and 40 (Generic)

To Just Grace NPC:

You are able to provide funding for our Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support Programme to mentor and grow black-owned business in Langa Township. This would be claimable as preferential procurement and enterprise development.

To Just Grace (Pty) Ltd:

You are also able to provide grant and loan contributuions to Just Grace (Pty) Ltd.

Socio-Economic Development

Target: 1% of NPAT

Contributions to Just Grace will be fully claimable as Just Grace has beneficiaries that are greater than 75% black.

We ask that you would contact us should you wish to explore the possibility of Just Grace forming part of
your B-BBEE strategy. In this way, we can work together to see the most efficient and effective way for us to partner together in this regard.

Just Grace is a non-profit company with the overarching objective of poverty alleviation in Langa, Cape Town.

Please Note: Just Grace Education
only operates in Langa, Cape Town.

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