Our Programmes

Just Grace seeks to uplift the community of Langa through multi-faceted initiatives, forums and programmes. All of these programmes are intertwined and connected with the ultimate goal of community empowerment.

Youth Development Programme

We run a youth development programme that holistically supports learners throughout high school and into further education, training or employment.

We incorporate academic support, mentoring, computer training, literacy, career guidance, life skills, leadership, development, entrepreneurship, post school preparation, arts and culture and fun.

Each year our learners achieve results that far exceed the local, provincial and national averages.

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Community Development & Family Strengthening

We run a community development & family strengthening programme that is open to anyone who works or lives in Langa.

Our programme provides individual care and practical support to community members. This gives them the tools they require in order to become empowered and active citizens who contribute towards the social wellbeing of South Africa.

We work closely with the Langa Law Clinic to provide their clients with the necessary social support.

School Strengthening

We work closely with all five high schools in Langa township to strengthen and equip them.

This includes practical support for the school such as training, financial and legal advice as well as learner support such as home visits, career guidance and life skills.


We love collaboration! Just Grace runs a proactive collaboration forum in Langa with the goal of bringing together all stakeholders in order to pool our efforts for the collective good of the community.

Programmes - Math Tutoring


Just Grace recognises the immense challenges that refugees face. We therefore include additional support for refugees in our youth development and community development programmes.

We also raise money to fund the tertiary education of refugees.


Just Grace advocates for social justice in all of our programmes. To this end, each programme includes an advocacy element that aims to inform and equip the relevant stakeholders around pertinent human rights issues.

We also run a separate advocacy initiative for general workers. This initiative seeks to uplift individuals employed as gardeners or domestic workers by finding them employment that is dignified and constitutes a living wage.

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Mercy Fund

Everyone needs compassion. Although we are overwhelmed with the multitudes of deserving needs in the community, we make a special effort to fundraise towards those that are urgent and require immediate relief.

To this end, we raise money for our mercy fund which provides relief to individuals on our programmes.

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In an effort to become sustainable in the long run, as well as to relieve pressure on donor giving, Just Grace Ventures was launched. Just Grace Ventures are social enterprises that seek to uplift the community as well as create a sustainable funding stream for our operations. Please consider using our services:

Tutors 4 Justice

Tutors 4 Justice offers paid tutoring to primary and high school learners who require academic assistance.

We have over six years’ experience of providing excellent tutoring and academic interventions

Pay It Forward Supplies

The perfect way for your business to be socially responsible.

Send us your list of required supplies or a recent quote/invoice from your suppliers and we will get back to you with our best quote.

We supply stationery, cleaning material and office consumables.

Ubuchule Design & Print

“ubuchule bubulumko bokuzonwabisa”
Are you looking for a professional and affordable design service?

We design and print:
Business cards

Mock Interview Programme

Just Grace organises a mock interview programme in order to generate income for our operations. We partner with associates from top finance, auditing, investment and consulting firms in order to provide case study and interview preparation to graduates who are looking for employment in these fields.

The associates volunteer their time and the graduate pays a fee for the coaching that they receive. The proceeds are then sponsored to Just Grace.