Our Team

Our Team

The primary consideration for anyone who would like to join our team is passion.
We look for people who have a passion to live for others and dedicate their lives to transforming the lives of their fellow citizens.
If you believe that you have a passion and a love for people, as well as valuable experience or skills that could add to our team, then please contact us to set up a meeting.

Board of Directors

Karimi Fondaumiere

(BBusSci, Information Systems, MB)

Karimi’s mission is to serve the world by creating spaces where growth thrives and meaningful change is catalysed. She helps organisations, leaders, and individuals navigate complexity and change by leveraging her background as an executive and years of experience in consulting across diverse sectors. Her areas of expertise include process design and facilitation, strategy, leadership, social impact, entrepreneurship and coaching.

She is passionate about female empowerment and serves as the chair of Business Engage in the Western Cape, representing the 30% club, and its work in creating representation of women in leadership and on Boards.

Grant Edmond

(CA(SA), M.Phil Public Law)

Grant, one of the co-founders of Just Grace, holds a deep passion for social justice and believes in implementing innovative solutions that empower community members to realise their full potential. He served as the Executive Director of Just Grace from 2018 to 2022, during which he received prestigious awards for his significant contributions, such as the South African Shining Star Award for Contribution to Education and the Surve Philanthropies Award for Contribution Towards Social Justice in Education. As a board member, Grant utilises his deep understanding of evidence-based impact and development to provide strategic oversight and guidance to the organisation.

Ziba Mbense

(B Theology)

Ziba, the leader of a Common Ground Church in Langa, has a deep commitment to the community and a passion for empowering youth to unlock their potential. In 2007, he was ordained for full-time ministry after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Cape Town Baptist Seminary. He is currently studying for a Masters in Practical theology through the University of Pretoria. As a board member, Ziba brings his passion for the community to the forefront, actively engaging in strategic decision-making and fostering a compassionate and supportive environment for all involved in the organisation.

Laura Macfarlane

(BSocSci Law and Politics, LLB)

Laura co-founded Just Grace to help to create societal conditions where everyone can flourish in their personal, family and work life. As a board member, she plays a role in strategy, stakeholder management and navigating the law.

Laura is an attorney at an international law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright, where she specialises in constitutional, human rights and employment law. In her team, she uses strategic impact litigation to create more just practices and laws that advance the human rights of all people and protect the vulnerable. Laura recognises that the social gains the legal sector achieves are only effective when coupled with the practical contribution of local communities and NGOs. She believes that Just Grace and the Langa community are pioneering some of the most impactful, relevant and considered interventions which are radically changing the way we shape contemporary programmes aimed at obtaining equality and social justice in society. 

Alecia Ndlovu

(BA in International Relations and Applied Economics, MA (Cum Laude) in International Relations)

Alecia Ndlovu is a lecturer in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Cape Town. She is completing a PhD in International Relations at Wits University. Ndlovu’s research and teaching interests lie broadly in the Political economy of development. Her current research focuses on political accountability and development in Africa’s resource-rich economies.

Zukile Keswa

(B.Com Information Systems)

Zukile is an IkamvaYouth ex-learner, tutor, Branch Administrator, Branch Coordinator, Schools Coordinator for the High school programme. Zukile has experience in managing after-school programmes and working in township communities. He has substantial experience working with learners from the Khayelitsha community and is highly motivated to put learners from disadvantaged backgrounds on the path to earning a dignified living. He holds a Bcom degree in information systems from the University of the Western Cape, a project management course from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and is studying an Honours degree in Community Development from the Cornerstone Institute.

Greg Macfarlane

(BSocSci PPE, B.Com Honours FAPM, BPhil Logistics, MBA, MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Greg is passionate about the power of entrepreneurship to boost economic development, drive impact, create employment opportunities and reduce poverty. After completing his MBA in 2012 as a Bertha Scholar, he formed part of the Edge Growth Ventures founding team (https://edgegrowth.com/) Cape Town office, a leading South African impact investor.

Greg has recently transitioned into a Venture Partner role, creating some capacity to Co-found Lighthouse Venture Partners, leading syndicated investments into exceptional, high-growth African ventures (primarily in the financial inclusion, health tech and ed-tech spaces).

Just Grace Advisors

Goolam Modack


Portfolio: Education

Goolam Modack, an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town, contributes to the Just Grace Youth Development Programme by leveraging his extensive expertise and experience in the field of teaching. His valuable knowledge plays a crucial role in shaping and implementing various educational aspects within the programme.


Portfolio: Community engagement

Khulukasi, a dedicated community member in Langa Township, is the founder of Keep Them Safe, a local NGO that empowers children in the community through sports. Recognised and highly regarded within the community, Khulu offers invaluable guidance to Just Grace, ensuring that the organisation remains attuned to the evolving needs of the community it serves.

Social Worker - LORRAINE MOKO


Portfolio: Social work

Lorraine, a dedicated social worker at the Sozo Foundation, is deeply committed to delivering exceptional psychosocial support to under-resourced youth. Lorraine lends her expertise and offers invaluable guidance to Just Grace, specifically focusing on matters pertaining to social work and psychosocial support.

Just Grace Advisors



Executive Director

Delphino is a dynamic professional with expertise in commerce, strategic management, finance, and social enterprise management. His academic background and co-founding of Waumbe Youth Development demonstrate his commitment to empowering youth and driving positive change. As a certified Business Advisor, Delphino excels at tackling complex challenges, implementing practical solutions, and promoting sustainable growth. Leading Just Grace with passion, he champions social justice and creates impactful outcomes in Langa and beyond.



Chief Operating Officer

Leona, our dedicated COO with a B. Com in Business Informatics, oversees our programmes. She excels in optimising operations, driving innovation, and enhancing efficiency. With a solid commitment to social empowerment, Leona combines strategic thinking and a tech-savvy approach to maximise our impact.


Mpho Sithole

Business Development Officer

Mpho holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies, providing a solid understanding of the complexities and challenges of sustainable development. As our business development manager, Mpho assumes a pivotal role in driving the growth of our organisation, cultivating successful collaborations and securing vital funding for our mission.

Liziwe Manijwa

Partnerships and Store manager

Liziwe, our vibrant Partnerships and Store (Shop for Change) Manager, brings lively energy to our team.  With a diverse skill set in event management and customer service, she brings a fresh perspective to partnerships and excels in communication with stakeholders. Liziwe’s dynamic personality and expertise make her an invaluable asset for our organisation’s growth and success.



Programme Manager (LEP & TCP)

Nozibele holds a bachelor’s degree in social work. Recognising the pivotal role of accessible social work services, Nozibele firmly believes that by ensuring their availability, the community can truly flourish. Nozibele and her team diligently address the diverse needs and challenges individuals face in Langa, ensuring that crucial support systems exist, empowering residents to overcome obstacles and build resilient lives.


Social Worker

Thobeka possesses a bachelor’s degree in social work and an honours degree in Social Behavioural Studies. She is deeply passionate about bringing about change in her community. She finds fulfilment in actively engaging with parents, learners, community members, and other stakeholders to foster a collaborative response that promotes the development and advancement of Langa.

Thando Mdangayi

Social Worker

Thando, our auxiliary social worker, implements diverse community social work initiatives, including counselling, conducting home visits, and facilitating life skills sessions for vulnerable youth. His deep passion for creating positive change in his community is evident in his dedication to delivering impactful social work services that make a meaningful difference in the lives of those he serves.


Community Worker

Nomalizo is a dedicated community worker who has completed basic counselling training with FAMSA. She strongly advocates for social justice and actively leads efforts to bring about positive change at the grassroots level in Langa. As a mother of five children, she has a deep passion for nurturing the development of the Langa community, aiming to create an environment where children can thrive and prosper.

Annie Smith

Programme Manager (YAP)

Annie has a BCom degree and is a qualified Life Orientation teacher. She oversees our Youth Activation programme and its personal and professional development components and plays a vital role in connecting youth to various opportunities once they complete the programme. Annie is passionate about mentoring and establishing meaningful connections with young individuals, nurturing their growth, and guiding them towards a brighter future.

Namhla Ntloko

Accounting Stream Facilitator (YAP) & Social Enterprise Manager

Namhla is our knowledgeable accounting technician’s facilitator. With a BCom Financial Accounting degree, BCom Taxation Honours, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), she possesses expertise and teaching skills that enable her to effectively guide our students through the intricacies of accounting, making her an invaluable asset to our programme.


Thunyiwe Zitha

Barista Stream Facilitator (YAP)

Thunyiwe, an expert in all thing’s coffee brings a unique blend of expertise to our programme. Not only is she a qualified Barista who takes delight in crafting the perfect cup of coffee to start the day, but she is also deeply committed to youth development. Her passion for empowering young individuals shines through as she strives to create meaningful opportunities and foster their growth.


Khanya Tora

Barista Stream Assistant (YAP)

Khanya, one of our past barista participants, has truly excelled as a star barista. Her enthusiasm and exceptional skills have earned her a place on our team, where she works closely with our facilitator to provide assistance and share her valuable knowledge. Khanya’s passion lies in making a positive difference in the lives of others, and she eagerly embraces the opportunity to continuously develop and enhance her skills.

Vuyelwa Sitsholwana

Sewing Stream Facilitator (YAP)

Vuyelwa is our fantastic sewing instructor. Vuyelwa spent several years running her micro-business, creating exquisite traditional African garments she sold in her community. Now, her passion lies in passing on her expertise and empowering participants in our Youth Activation Programme’s sewing stream, as she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to teaching and upskilling them.

Zodwa Mxobo

Sewing Stream Assistant (YAP)

Zodwa, a remarkable member of our YAP team, is driven by her unwavering commitment to positively impacting her community. With a strong foundation in sewing and infectious enthusiasm, Zodwa works hand in hand with our facilitator, offering essential support and sharing her knowledge with course participants.

Sivile Mini

Coding and IT Facilitator (YDP and YAP)

Sivile, our coding and IT facilitator holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a love for IT. Sivile recognises the importance of computer skills in this digital age and is passionate about imparting his expertise and ensuring our youth are equipped with these essential skills.

Sibongile Rwayi

Programme Manager (YDP)

Sibongile holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences, specialising in Politics and Governance and Sociology. As our dynamic and dedicated Youth Development Programme coordinator, he brings abundant energy and passion to his role, actively working towards empowering and nurturing the youth on our programme.

Simthembile Maceba

Head Academic Support Facilitator (YDP)

Simthembile, our head academic support facilitator, plays a vital role in overseeing our team of dedicated facilitators and ensuring the smooth operation of our academic support sessions. With his honour’s degree in Education, Simthembile brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his position and a deep passion for empowering students to succeed academically. He is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Nadia Welsh

Book Club Facilitator (YDP)

Nadia, our amazing book club facilitator, is passionate about education, specifically literacy. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education and looks forward to utilising her knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners. Nadia is committed to nurturing a love for reading, empowering students to unlock their full potential, and fostering a lifelong passion for learning.



Nontsikelelo, a mother of four (two of whom have participated in our YDP programme), completed computer training through Just Grace in 2018. Since then, she has been actively involved in our organisation, demonstrating her dedication by assisting with capturing beneficiary data and contributing her skills to various other aspects of our work.



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