Masincedisane! Community 
Development Programme

Masincedisane! Community Development Programme

The community members of Langa are given access to the various psychosocial services we offer to empower them to contribute meaningfully to society. Our services range from social work, counselling, home visits, and parent support groups.

The challenge

High unmployment

Although 71.7% of the population is of working age (15 to 64 years), Langa’s official unemployment rate is 27.2%.

High levels of crime

The sustained systemic poverty of the community has led to the current high levels of crimes such as assault (including gender-based violence), drug abuse, murder and theft.

Low income

The average monthly household income is less than R3 200.

Our Approach


Our programme activities are tailored towards the individual needs of community members. In this way, the support that they receive is relevant, and in addition it is provided in Langa, meaning that the members are assisted in their community. The activities seek to empower individual community members to thrive and live their lives to its full.

Family orientated

One of Just Grace’s key foundational goals is to promote healthy families. The psychosocial support provided to community members seeks to restore family relationships and create strong networks of support. By building up families, Just Grace believes that the community will have a strong foundation from which to build on.


We don’t believe in providing assistance that does not address the practical needs that community members are faced with. Programme activities therefore focus on addressing any pressing needs as well as equipping community members so that they are independent and able to play an active role in their community. 

Programme Activities

Assistance to apply and access social grants

Our social workers and community workers assist community members to apply and access social grants available to them. 

Counselling and social work

Social workers work with community members who are unemployed to remove any barriers and then equip them with the necessary soft skills such as perseverance, grit, a healthy view of work, dedication, punctuality, and communication.

Support for victims of domestic violence and abuse

We run a support group for girls and women who have been, or are victims of domestic abuse. These are run by a qualified social worker.

Parent support

We run a parent support group to assist parents with advice on how to ensure that their children succeed at school.

Parent’s craft groups

Weekly groups for parents to connect, chat and learn a new craft.

Legal support

Just Grace works with Norton Rose Fulbright to bring quality legal services to the community of Langa. Individuals approach Just Grace as part of the community development programme.

Computer training

We offer computer training to the community to better prepare them for further education or employment.

Financial literacy

Community members are taught how to create and manage a personal budget.


  • Increased access to employment

  • Increased access to government social services 

  • Increase in successful prosecutions 

  • Reduced domestic violence

  • Stronger families and safe home environments

Ultimate Impact

  • Ability for continued personal growth

  • Awareness and contribution to the community

  • The ability to bring about economic growth (entrepreneurship) and stability (earning a salary) 


VISIT: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

CALL: 0800 029 999


Just Grace is a non-profit company with the overarching objective of poverty alleviation in Langa, Cape Town.

Please Note: Just Grace NPC
only operates in Langa, Cape Town.

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