Our Model

The Just Grace Model & Success Factors

Just Grace fosters a spirit of ownership from the community itself. We believe that the most significant change happens when it comes from within the community. We therefore include parents, tutors, schools, NGOs and learners in decision making sessions related to the programme. In addition, our programme coordinator is a resident in Langa and many of our tutors are past learners from Langa. They provide us with valuable input that ensures wholehearted participation from all stakeholders in our programme – this creates an exciting collaboration between people from all walks of life!

We believe that the following 4 success factors all contribute to the excellent results achieved by the learners on our programme:

Image showing Just Grace success factors

Our Track Record – We believe that our results speak for themselves. Over the last 5 years we have significantly increased the chances of a learner being involved in education, employment or training after school. See more.

Our Feedback ApproachOur model is based on a continuous method of feedback that allows for our programme to effectively address the needs of the beneficiaries and other stakeholders. We regularly meet with learner representatives, parents, schools, NGOs and policy makers in order to obtain and evaluate feedback.

Our Team – The Just Grace Board is made up of highly qualified professionals, ensuring the effective implementation strategy, a continual monitoring of change management theory as well as the best corporate governance practices. Our programme coordinator is a member of the local community who is passionate about youth development.

Our Individualized Approach – Our strategy is founded on a learner-centric approach. We do not offer a programme that views the disadvantaged learners as a whole, but rather a group of individuals who all have their own stories, voices, dreams, challenges experiences and talents. We aim to provide our learners with individualized attention and support In order to support their specific journey.