Meet Phikolomzi Kayingana

Alex is a wonderful guy, full of energy and curiosity. He is responsible and recognises that to do well at school one needs to study hard. He is very excited for university: he knows he will need to work hard and he cannot wait for it. He is extremely grateful to Just Grace for all the help they have been providing him, from studying tips, to tutoring sessions and the personal and individual involvement.

He is especially grateful for the mentors that Just Grace offers the students. He said that this is the most valuable kind of help he has received so far as Matt is really engaging with them and foreshadowing what university life might be like, telling them about his personal experiences and following them in their personal and scholastic growth. Moreover, he believes Just Grace is doing a great job in inviting speakers and motivational coaches, whose presence and involvement at school has been significant to the students.

His family values education above everything else in a fantastic, deep and inspiring way. His grandparents did not have any formal schooling, his parents did not finish their matric, and Alex will be the first one among his relatives to go to university, which is a real motif of pride for him. However, it is clear that it is also a reason of anxiety, as being the first one carries with it weight and the responsibility of doing well and he does not want to disappoint anyone.

He has applied for both Engineering and Teaching, but his dream is definitely to become a teacher in Life Sciences and Life Orientation. Alex would definitely fit in such a job: he has the patience and the kindness a teacher needs to have and he is passionate about making a difference in his country.