Meet Ncumisa Maxengana

Ncumisa is a young, confident girl who is ready to become a strong, effective woman. She has all the premises to be successful in her life. Her confidence does not yield to arrogance; she is conscious of what she is capable of doing and of her strengths but always keeps a humble attitude.

She is both nervous and excited for university: she knows it will be challenging but she is confident in her abilities. Having chosen Engineering, she is slightly worried about the field being male-dominated but looks forward to meeting new people and sharing her experiences and her love for the subject with them.

She appreciates Just Grace’s programme which has helped her build up confidence in her choices and deal with school challenges but is mostly grateful for the confidence it has given her in herself. She feels that the organisation has inspired her to believe in herself and is now more aware of her strengths and weaknesses, she’s aware of being a leader who sets trends and of her ability to inspire other kids.

Her biggest dream is just about to be fulfilled: going to university. She wants to be economically and personally independent and wants to be a model for other girls to do the same. She wants to travel, especially in Germany, where her field is strong and competitive.

She feels she has a responsibility to township kids and feels the need to uplift them, support them and help them as best she can so that they can have a bright and better future.