Meet Mihle Satula

Mihle is a delightful and reserved young man. He is not talkative but this does not affect his ability to communicate effectively; he is very good at choosing quality over quantity, always using appropriate and pondered words. Mihle has a wonderful nature, he inspires trust and calmness in those around him and he is a very responsible student. He seems to be very conscious of his limits, as well as his possibilities and dreams.

He considers Just Grace’s support significant; in particular, he is extremely grateful for the help provided with university applications. He is very aware of the benefits he can draw from working with the organisation and feels privileged to have someone who spends their time with them to help them build up their future.

Mihle’s dream is to become an Electrical Engineer and to thrive in his job, to have the chance to live a good life and give his family opportunities, without the struggles that his mother had to go through for him. In general, he hopes to live a happy life and to follow his passions and aspirations.