What Is Holistic Support?

Just Grace’s Youth Development Programme is designed to support learners holistically over a 4 year period. Take a look at the typical journey of one of our learners:

Take a look at the typical journey of one of our learners:

Holistic Support

Jan 10


Yolanda joins the Just Grace Youth Development Programme
Feb 2


She completes a form where she answers questions about her personal life and her dreams
Mar 23

Things get personal

She sees a student social worker who asks her about her personal life
Apr 18


She receives subject choice advice and decides that based on her passion and ability, she should become a nurse
Jun 7


Yolanda goes on a hike up table mountain and is blown away by the city’s beauty! She hasn’t really ever left the Township before
Jul 17


Normally the mid-year holidays are boring, but this year Yolanda took part in the Just Grace holiday club where she had so much fun whilst learning doing activities such as an entrepreneurship course, alternatives to violence workshop, cake decorating competition and more!
Jan 24


Yolanda is encouraged by her tutors to do her homework and pay attention in class.
Mar 8


Yolanda cant believe how much she enjoyed the vision board exercise. She enthusiastically cuts out pictures and words from magazines and creates a vision for her life that prioritises her family, friends and good values.
May 5

Career Choices

Yolanda hears a few talks on various careers by working professions. She loved the one by a registered nurse and this has confirmed that she made the right career decision.
Jul 26


Yolanda’s friends are putting pressure on her to get a boyfriend. Yolanda’s friend, Litha, is also putting pressure on her to do things that she doesn’t want to do.
Aug 12

Love yourself

Yolanda is inspired by the ‘love your body’ workshop hosted by Just Grace and is confident enough to tell Litha that they are just going to be friends.
Jan 25

Grade 11 is a really tough year.

However, Yolanda remembers her tutor’s advice from the previous year and starts to pay attention in class, respect her teachers and do all of her homework. And its starting to pay off!
Mar 11

Good friends

Yolanda has really made some amazing friends along the way. Normally she would have considered learners from other schools to be rivals and gangsters. Now she realises that it is possible to have friends from any of the schools in Langa.
May 21

Academic support

The Just Grace academic support sessions provide Yolanda with the perfect place to work hard and revise all of the work that she covered in class. Occasionally she gets stuck and asks a tutor to explain a concept to her.
Jul 13

Aptitude tests

Yolanda does an online aptitude test and then has one-on-one meeting with a mentor. She realises that she needs to improve her marks in at least two subjects to get the points she needs to study nursing at UWC.
Oct 15

Job shadowing

Yolanda does job shadowing at TygerBurg Hospital where she sees what a difference she can make in people’s lives if she becomes a nurse. She resolves to push hard for the last stretch at school and work hard.
Jan 9

University nerves

Yolanda is nervous about getting into university. However, she attends a post school preparation workshop which details the year ahead and the processes related to university applications.
Mar 11

Not herself

Yolanda’s tutors notice that she is not quite herself. They make an appointment with the social worker and Yolanda opens up about the financial strain that is placed on her mother who is a domestic worker. She is worried that she may need to drop out of school and start working to support her mother. Based on the report, Just Grace informs Yolanda about their mercy fund and allows Yolanda to apply for immediate financial support. This small amount, awarded in food vouches, takes a huge strain off Yolanda and she can continue to pursue her schooling.
Apr 1

Open day

Yolanda visits the UWC open day and has an opportunity to chat to some of the top nursing lecturers in the country.
Sep 1


Yolanda completes her annual personal development plan for submission to Just Grace. Normally she just focuses on academic goals, however this time her mentor encourages her to think about her personal and moral goals. Yolanda resolves to help her single mom out at the house more.
Sep 3

Matric dance

Yolanda is really worried about her matric dance. She has heard so much about it but has nothing to wear and her mom definitely cannot afford to buy her anything. She hears about Girls with Grace, Just Grace’s initiative aimed at girls and is overwhelmed with joy when she learns that Girls with Grace lends dresses to girls.
Nov 11


Yolanda receives a good luck pack from the Just Grace team before her final exams. Her heart feels relaxed knowing that there are people who believe in and care for her.

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