General Worker Upliftment

Just Grace has a database of individuals who are available for employment as general workers, gardeners and domestic workers. We are not an agency and therefore do not take any fees. Our goal is to ensure that the workers have access to employment that offers them dignity and a living wage.

Checklist For Employer:

  1. Click here to view your income in comparison to the rest of South Africa
  2. Read these articles that highlight the difficult life circumstances that often surround workers
  3. Remember that 75% of domestic workers are known to be sole income providers for their households.
  4. Remember that workers often stay far and use public transport. Setting reasonable working hours that are cognisant of this is important.
  5. Remember not to look towards a minimum wage or the ‘going rate’, but rather a living wage.
  6. Remember that a living wage for a typical family is around R7480 to R1130 and so use this as a base.
  7. Remember that the wage paid and working terms should be set to empower the worker and not disempower them.

Criteria For Employment:

  1. Working hours cannot be less favourable than 9am to 3pm
  2. Minimum pay if R400 per day
  3. Workers are entitled to paid leave and public holidays, even if they do not work for you for the entire week
  4. Workers are to be treated with respect and dignity at all times

If you would like to join the movement towards uplifting South Africans by paying living wages and offering employment that brings dignity, then please contact us today.