Education Programme

Our programme is built around the following 5 pillars


Image of learners and tutor

Tutoring and Academic Support:

Just Grace provides weekly tutoring and homework sessions where learners are assisted with all of their school subjects. Learners are encouraged to work on Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting as we believe that these are the core building blocks to a learner’s success at school. Apply to be a tutor


Just Grace has therefore developed a mentorship programme where we organize quarterly mentor sessions where all the mentors and learners go through various life skills exercises together. Primarily, mentors are there to motivate and listen to their mentees, give advice where appropriate and to communicate to them that they are valued.
In addition, each willing Just Grace Alumni is assigned a mentor who provides them with the necessary ongoing support and encouragement for both their further education or employment and personal lives. Apply to be a mentor.

Image of learners doing drama
Image of learner job shadowing as part of career guidance

Career Guidance:

The learners we work with are often ill-informed, or misinformed about the various career opportunities available to them after school. Our career guidance programme aims to make sure that the learners are aware of the various options available to them, including financial aid, tertiary institutions and learnership programmes. This is achieved through ongoing vocational guidance as well as by motivating the learners to pursue their desired careers. This is supplemented by visits to open days at various tertiary institutions.

When appropriate, we will facilitate the necessary application process for entrance into a tertiary institution. In order to best equip the learners for life after school, we aim to ensure that the learners have the skills required to obtain employment, university acceptance, or the like. This includes making sure that the learners are computer literate and that they are competent with respect to CV compilation, interview skills, business communication and workplace etiquette. This is achieved through our computer training and job-readiness programmes.

Computer Training:

In today’s society, more and more businesses rely on computers and even the most basic jobs require employees to be computer literate. In under-resourced communities across the country, many scholars are matriculating without any form of basic computer skills. Computer training is therefore incorporated into the Just Grace Education Programme so that our learners are not excluded from potential jobs and so that they can personally benefit from the productivity and efficiency of being able to use a computer.

Image of learner doing computer training
Picture of Just Grace learners hike on Pipe Track

Cultural Experiences/Awareness:

Every year, Just Grace holds a week-long holiday programme which not only involves academic activities but also exposes the learners to various cultural experiences. In addition, we periodically host talks, workshops and go on outings in order to offer the learners exposure to culture, arts, sport and music. In the past we have hosted motivational speakers, drama workshops, Djembe drum workshops, sports days, poetry classes and the like.