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Yolanda receives a good luck pack from the Just Grace team before her final exams. Her heart feels relaxed knowing that there are people who believe in and care for her.

Matric dance

Yolanda is really worried about her matric dance. She has heard so much about it but has nothing to wear and her mom definitely cannot afford to buy her anything. She hears about Girls with Grace, Just Grace’s initiative aimed at girls and is overwhelmed with joy when she learns that Girls with Grace lends dresses to girls.


Yolanda completes her annual personal development plan for submission to Just Grace. Normally she just focuses on academic goals, however this time her mentor encourages her to think about her personal and moral goals. Yolanda resolves to help her single mom out at the house more.

Open day

Yolanda visits the UWC open day and has an opportunity to chat to some of the top nursing lecturers in the country.

Not herself

Yolanda’s tutors notice that she is not quite herself. They make an appointment with the social worker and Yolanda opens up about the financial strain that is placed on her mother who is a domestic worker. She is worried that she may need to drop out of school and start working to support her mother. Based on the report, Just Grace informs Yolanda about their mercy fund and allows Yolanda to apply for immediate financial support. This small amount, awarded in food vouches, takes a huge strain off Yolanda and she can continue to pursue her schooling.

University nerves

Yolanda is nervous about getting into university. However, she attends a post school preparation workshop which details the year ahead and the processes related to university applications.


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